Welcome to thejuniorcollection!

Welcome to thejuniorcollection -

This site is a showcase of Ken Griffey Jr. sports cards. Many of the items I own myself; the others? I'd love to find them.
The main goal is to connect with fellow Griffey enthusiasts and make it entertaining and educational.

As of November 2019, the collection stands at 11,418 different Griffeys, which is about 87% of what's out there.

Pictures of nearly every card are available at this Photobucket

Rare & Intersting Finds
- some of the items that make collecting great.  Test items, odd variations, and things once never thought existed!

Jr. Collectors
- a list of all those I've worked with (and battled against) to build thecollection.

Want List
- a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet with a current want list

Trade List
- a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet with a list of 30,000+ items available to trade for Griffeys I need
- there are many elusive items, including 1/1s and variations. Being a player collector, I picked up a lot of things that other player collectors are looking for.

Hope you enjoy the site! 

Chris Kurdelski


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