Welcome to thejuniorcollection!

Welcome to thejuniorcollection -

This site is a showcase of Ken Griffey Jr. sports cards. Many of the items I own myself; many others I'd love to find!
My main goal with this site is to have fellow Griffey enthusiasts find the site entertaining and educational.

As of May 2018, I have 8,622 different Griffeys, which is about 83% of the items I'm looking for.

Pictures of every card are available at this Photobucket:
One caveat - new items are added once per year!

Rare & Intersting Finds
- some of the items that make collecting great.  Test items, odd variations, and things I once never thought existed!

Jr. Collectors
- a list of all those I've worked with (and competed against!) over the years to build my collection.

Want List
- a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet with my current want list
- next to most cards, I put what I am willing to pay. Note that this may change over time.

Trade List
- a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet with a list of 30,000+ items that I have available to trade for Griffeys I need
- there are many elusive items, including 1/1s and variations. Being a player collector, I picked up a lot of things that other player collectors are looking for.

I hope you enjoy the site!  Christopher Kurdelski


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