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A Collection of Rarities

1997 Donruss Preferred Tin-Packs All Star Fanfest
Donruss issued this subtle version of their Donruss Preferred Tin Packaging at the 1997 All Star Fanfest. These are both difficult to find, and difficult to identify, since they look exactly like the basic tin, except the red accents are replaced with gold. They seem to be extremely rare, and are very tough to find.

1998 Pacific Online Web Card Winners
Despite pretty comprehensive knowledge of 90's baseball cards, this set remains a mystery to me. There are two issues:

Web Cards - these come with the alphanumeric codes in different places on the card. Some 1998 Pacific Online Web Cards had the alpha-numeric code in the Upper Right corner, while others had it in the Lower Left. One version is usually much more prevalent than the other. Both versions may not exist for all cards, I don't know for sure. This variation may have something to do with the Web Card Winners program, where collectors were encouraged to enter the codes online to see if they won an upgraded version of the Web Card.

Web Card Winners - ostensibly, the alpha-numeric code on the backs of 1998 Pacific Online Web Cards could be entered online at pacifictradingcards.com for a chance to win an upgraded version of the Web Card, a Web Card Winner. The problem is, I do not believe I have only ever seen two of these cards.

UPDATE 1 - From juangone.com, I see there is a picture of an Online Winner. Some must exist.

UPDATE 2 - I found a Griffey! The card has a Gold "Online Winner" Logo embossed into it, and it looks as if the exact card that was mailed to Pacific was mailed back. Interestingly, the code is on the Upper Right, the more common version of the code placement. That undermines my code placement = web winner theory, but I'm happy I found it.

1998 Pinnacle Bankruptcy

A number of rare items came out after Pinnacle's bankruptcy:
1998 Donruss Crusade Green Series 2 - Call To Arms #113
1998 Donruss Crusade Purple Series 2 - Call To Arms #113
1998 Donruss Crusade Red Series 2 - Call To Arms #113

Donruss Crusade Series 2 cards were printed, but never officially released. I have only seen a picture of the Green Call To Arms card, shown below.
1998 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle - From An Unreleased Brand - #8
1998 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle Club 1998 Pinnacle #B1
Two Team Pinnacle cards. One is from an unknown brand, the other would have been used as a Pinnacle Collectors' Club promotional item.
1998 Pinnacle Certified #50
1998 Pinnacle Certified Certified Red #50
1998 Pinnacle Certified Mirror Red #50
1998 Pinnacle Certified Mirror Blue #50
1998 Pinnacle Certified Mirror Gold #50
1998 Pinnacle Certified Certified Legends #148
1998 Pinnacle Certified Certified Legends Certified Red #148
1998 Pinnacle Certified Certified Legends Mirror Red #148
1998 Pinnacle Certified Certified Legends Mirror Blue #148
1998 Pinnacle Certified Certified Legends Mirror Gold #148

Pinnacle Certified and Pinnacle Totally Certified were also never released. I own the Mirror Red and Mirror Gold Griffeys, and have seen a photo of the base Griffey. I have seen other players in Certified Legends Certified Red, and in Totally Certified Platinum Blue / Gold, but never a Griffey.

1998 Pinnacle Performers Swing For The Fences Upgraded #5

This card would have been what winners of the Swing for the Fences promotion received, but the cards were never released.

1998 Pinnacle Select

This set was printed just before Pinnacle's bankruptcy in 1998. When Pinnacle liquidated their assets, some cards fromt the set came out. Griffey has the following cards in the set:

1998 Pinnacle Select Quasar Level 1 #16
1998 Pinnacle Select Quasar Level 2 #116
1998 Pinnacle Select Quasar Level 3 #191
1998 Pinnacle Select Quasar Level 4 #241
1998 Pinnacle Select Jersey Numbers Quasar Level 1 #16
1998 Pinnacle Select Jersey Numbers Quasar Level 2 #116
1998 Pinnacle Select Jersey Numbers Quasar Level 3 #191
1998 Pinnacle Select Jersey Numbers Quasar Level 4 #241
1998 Pinnacle Select Five Star Bonus #1
1998 Pinnacle Select Numbers #3

- the Quasar Level is listed on the back of each card

- the Jersey Number Variations are Parallels, presumably intended to be numbered to 24
- the Five Star Bonus Insert is serially numbered out of 50
- the Numbers Insert is not serially numbered

Have you seen any others besides what you see here? I have all the pictured cards except the Regular Quasar Level 2, of which I have just the picture. I'd love to see (and more so own :) them - Chris

1998 Topps SportzCubz
A small set of interesting Topps oddballs surfaced on eBay called SportzCubz. A seller posted some of the semi-stars from the set, and I asked him if he had the Griffey. I was worried I might never see it when he said he had sold off all of the stars.

But then, a week later, the Griffey shows up at auction. I was really cash strapped at that point, but I put in a bid anyway, hoping I would have a small chance. I was totally surprised to pick it up for under $50! It's a big part of my collection, and I believe close to one of a kind.

2000 Pacific Proofs

Pacific Inserted several different proof-type cards through it's products in the year 2000. They are interesting takes on insert cards, for sure.
Here are a couple of examples that I've been willing to track down:

- the 2000 Pacific Past & Present Canvas Proof (1/1)
- the 2000 Pacific Vanguard Vinyl Proof (1/1)

2005 Playoff Prestige Champions Parallels

In 2005 Playoff inserted something like 'predictor' cards into its packs. Each team had a card for each playoff level. For example, the Reds could have been NL Central Champs, the NL Wild Card, NL Champs, or World Series Champs.

Collectors had to find the Playoff Champions predictor cards with the teams that won the playoff series mentioned. Few collectors did.
Here is the announcement by Donruss-Playoff:


05.04.06: 2005 Playoff Prestige Baseball Final Award Winners

Listed below are winners for the 2005 Playoff Prestige Playoff Champions Insert. Each card is redeemable for a complete base set with the respective winning logo printed on the card. The winners were based on the actual season-ending results from the 2005 champion teams: World Series, AL Division Series, NL Division Series, Wild Card and Pennant version.
Winning Teams:

NY Yankees – Division
Chicago White Sox - Division
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Division
Boston Red Sox – Wildcard
Atlanta Braves – Division
St. Louis Cardinals – Division
San Diego Padres – Division
Houston Astros – Wildcard
Houston Astros – Pennant
Chicago White Sox – Pennant
Chicago White Sox – World Champions

Final Set Numbers:
American League West - 17
American League East - 20
American League Central – 27
American League Champ – 12
American League Wild – 13
National League West - 18
National League East – 18
National League Central – 21
National League Champ – 7
National League Wild – 15
World Series – 19


Some of the cards have refractive foil, but others don't. Does anyone know why?
I have attached pictures so you can see the difference.

I need one more to complete the set, the NL Wild Card.
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